Need audio equipment for an event you are putting on? MTG can rent out our sound equipment to other theatre, dance, and performance groups in the area! If you are interested in making a rental, please contact

Equipment Type Cost per item per week
Mixer - Behringer X32. $250
Mixer - Small analog one $25
PA Amplifier - 2 channel $30
Wired handheld mic (SM57) $10
Other sound - cables, router, Varies, but generally between $10 and $20
QSC Audio System (Speakers and Subwoofers) $600
Pizza Pizza Speakers $50 each
La Sala Cyclorama $275

Note that the following dates will not be available for rental as we will be using the equipment for our show

January 14, 2023-February 13, 2023
April 15, 2023-April 30, 2023
August 20, 2023-September 11, 2023

By renting sound equipment from the MIT Musical Theater Guild (herein referred to as MTG), you must have prior knowledge of working with theatrical sound equipment, and be confident in your ability to safely operate the rented equipment. 

Please return equipment packed and organized as it was given to you. This means:

  • Cables are coiled as they were when received
  • All equipment is in its proper cases
  • You have informed us immediately about any broken or lost equipment