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Into The Woods Poster

 Into The Woods

   April 22, & 23, 28 & 29,  2022 at 8pm
   April 24, 2022 at 2pm
   April 30, 2022 at 6pm
   All shows were performed in Kresge Little Theater. 
  Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
   Book by James Lapine
Thank you to everyone who saw the show! 
Production photos coming soon. :) 
When a baker and his wife are sent Into the Woods on a quest to reverse a curse, the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel come to life in an intermingling of stories. Come with MTG on this magical adventure full of giants and wolves, princes and palaces, wishes and happily ever afters. Because after all, anything can happen in the woods… 
Production Staff
Harini Desikan '25
Director Tolu Asade '23
Vocal Director Mitchell Lee '16
Assistant Vocal Director Silu Shen '24
Musical Staging and Choreography Xochitl Luna '22
Technical Director Xinyu Xu '25
Stage Manager Vanessa Gonzalez '22
Estinne Van Alstine '24
Assistant Stage Manager Sofia Galiana '25
Music Director Matt Putnam '09
Set Designer Alexander Tsao '22
Assistant Set Designer Awen Gronda '24
Costume Designer Josiah Washington '22
Master Stitcher Grace Tang '23
Assistant Stitcher Remi Harrison '24
Props Designer Casey Fecko '25
Master Electrician Adi Mehrotra '22
Hair and Makeup Designer Ellie Jaffe '25
Assistant Hair and Makeup Designer Lucy Hao '24
Publicity Manager Hailey Quinn '24
Publicity Designer Kai Van Brunt '25
Program Designer Kat Hahn '21
Scenic Painters Audrey Cui '24
Ava Vargas '24
Tarang Lunawat
Master Carpenter Sarah Hoffman '22
Assistant Carpenter Charlotte Wickert '23
Juno Matthews '24
Sound Designer Chris Warren C
Sound Engineer Kai Van Brunt '25
Lighting Designer Adi Mehrotra '22
Reservations Manager Claire Johnson '24
Front of House Gustavo Santiago-Reyes '22
Box Office Diana Bishop '25
Cassidy Fialkiewicz '22
Baker Michael Mandanas '22
u.s. Chris Warren C
Baker's Wife Audrey Leibig '22
u.s. Marcelle Durrenberger G
Cinderella Eva Demsky '22
Little Red Riding Hood Ellison Scheuller '24
Jack Reuben Fuchs '25
Narrator/Mysterious Man Ileana Diaz'22
Jack's Mom Xochitl Luna '22
Cinderella's Prince/Wolf Dylan Weber '23
Rapunzel's Prince Devin Murphy '22
Florinda Annika Magaro '23
Lucinda Harini Desikan '25
Stepmother Marcelle Durrenberger G
u.s. Silu Shen '24
Rapunzel/Cinderella's Mom Julia Wang '21/MEng
Granny/Giant Madeline Holtz '22
Steward Mitchell Lee '16
Cinderella's Dad Chris Warren C
u.s. Gustavo Santiago-Reyes '22
Conductor Matt Putnam '09
Flute Charlotte Wickert '23
Mike Jacobs C
Sarah Katz C
Clarinet Andrew Lee C
Jose Caballero C
Bassoon Nat Hefferman C
Trumpet Matt Putnam '09
Horn 1 Shawn Foti C
Horn 2 Carolyn Zuk C
Percussion Rila Shishido '24
Brandon Jackson C
Piano Anna Zhang '25
Synthesizer Shannon Weng '22
Violin 1 Helen Hu '24
Violin 2 Carol Jiang '24
Christina Lau C
Meghan Titzer C
Viola 1 Jackie Tam C
Viola 2 Ashley Caval C
Julia Moss C
Cello Sam Christian '25
Bass Robert Morrison


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