Heathers Poster
   February 3-4, 9-10, 2023 at 8pm
   February 5, 2023 at 2pm
   February 11, 2022 at 6pm
   All shows will be performed in La Sala de Puerto Rico.
   Book, Music & Lyrics by Kevin Murphy & Laurence O'Keefe
   HEATHERS THE MUSICAL is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals.
Veronica Sawyer is a nerdy teenage outcast with only one real friend. That is, until she meets the Heathers, the rulers of Westerburg High. Veronica, now part of the most popular clique in school, struggles to balance her kindness with the Heathers’ cruelty. Along the way, Veronica meets her new boyfriend JD, whose views on the Heathers are made very clear. When they confront the head of the group, Heather Chandler, things go too far and they accidentally poison her. Veronica slowly loses herself as she aims to stop JD from continuing the murder spree and destroying the school.
Production Staff
Producer Rin Desikan '25
Assistant Producer Tess Engst-Mansilla '23
Director Estin Van Alstine '24
Assistant Director Kiersten Mitzel '24
Vocal Director Alex Martirosian '22
Dheekshu Kumar '20
Choreographers Michaela Purvis '24
Elvin Yang G
Stage Manager Kiersten Mitzel '24
Assistant Stage Managers Heidi Durresi '24
Mia Ladolcetta '25
Orchestra Director Alan Zhu '23
Technical Directors Michaela Purvis '24
Kiersten Mitzel '24
Publicity Manager Sofia Galiana '25
Assistant Publicity Manager Silk Yu '25
Publicity Designer Awen Gronda '24
Set Designer Michaela Purvis '24
Costume Designer Michaela Purvis '24
Assistant Costume Designer Ellie Jaffe '25
Costumes Crew Eldar Urkumbayev '25
Hair/Makeup Designer Ellie Jaffe '25
Props Designer Rin Desikan '25
Tess Engst-Mansilla '23
Props Leads Rin Desikan '25
Tess Engst-Mansilla '23
Props Crew Skipper Lynch '26
Master Electrician Obinna Modilim '24
Assistant Master Electrician Emi Grady-Willis '25
Electrician Obinna Modilim '24
Heidi Durresi '24
Sound Designer Matt Putnam '09
Sound Engineer Estin Van Alstine '24
Lighting Designer Kiersten Mitzel '24
Master Carpenter Michaela Purvis'24
Carpenters Allison Heffan
Charlotte Wickert '23
Cindy Lee
Estin Van Alstine '24
John Moler '25
Julianne Hannon '26
Katherine Panebianco '26
Rin Desikan '25
Tara Sarma '24
U-Haul Drivers Calliope Martin '24
Charlotte Wickert '23
Head Scenic Painter Tarang Lunawat '25
Paint Crew Kiersten Mitzel '24
Phoenix Swartz '24
Solstice Xiao
Supriya Lall '25
Tara Sarma '24
Program Designer Katherine Panebianco '26
Photographer Kat Hahn '21
Reservations Manager Ellison Scheuller '24
Head Run Crew Ellie Jaffe '25
Run Crew Leviticus Norman '25
Obinna Modilim '24
Vera McCoy '26
Box Office Manager Phoenix Swartz '24
Veronica Michaela Purvis '24
J.D. Juno Matthews '24
Heather Chandler Abby Lyda '26
Heather McNamara Charlotte Wickert '23
Heather Duke Xochitl Luna '22, G
Martha Silu Shen '24
Ram Elvin Yang G
Kurt Reuben Fuchs '25
Ms. Fleming Rin Desikan '25
Ram's Dad Dylan Weber '23
Kurt's Dad Jon-Francis Rosario '24
Big Bud Dean Wren Berlanga '25
Principal Gowan Katie Heslip '24
Coach Ripper Ellison Scheuller '24
Veronica's Mom Nine Morch '23
Veronica's Dad Tara Sarma '24
Featured Dance Ensemble Annika Magaro '23
Ellison Scheuller '24
Eryn Cornelius '23
Grace Anderson G
Joy Ma '24
Katie Heslip '24
Rita Zambrano '26
Sofia Galiana '25
Tess Engst-Mansilla '23
Ensemble Andres Buritica Monroy '26
Estevan Cortez '25
Hans Yang '23
Richard Yeboah '26
Tara Sarma '24
Conductor Alan Zhu '23
Saxophone Brendon Murphy '26
Clarinet/Oboe Katherine Kitzinger '24
Trumpet Alec Donowitz
Guitar Mike Rolish '04
Keyboard Daniel Villagran '24
Violin Nieky Wang '23
Percussion Rila Shishido '23
Bass Guitar Brian Ott